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30 April 2011 @ 05:39 am
Method: Action/Prose
Who: Whoever!
Where: Sleipnir's deck
When: March 11th, right at dusk
What: Recalling anyone out and about on the maps or in Coal Mines

[You know the drill by now, right? Enjoy your sore butts! 8D Although Ingram is more tired than he normally is, or maybe you're just seeing things?]

If you notice anyone missing, we're likely aware of them already, but please inform us. We've also contacted UMA about that shard found in the mines, but nothing's come back about it. In the meantime, we'll be maintaining custody of it.
21 April 2011 @ 01:29 am
Method: [action and or prose, I'll match]
Who: Shirou Emiya and Anyone who talks to him.
Where: Coal Mine - Level 1
When: March 5th
What: Collecting Materials.

After Shirou Emiya took time to read the quest board, the young man found himself inside the coal mines just gathering any item he could find with the conclusion he'd figure out what was what later.

Down went A Familiar, and Shirou questioned to himself if he should try finding the way down to the next level. After all, the announcement did say that not all the miners got out of here during the evacuation. Maybe this meant there were still people living in the lower levels in need of a lot of help.

"If there's the chance that anyone is alive down there... I have to go see with my own eyes." He said to himself, as if his mind was already made up, and in fact it partially was. He was a Champion of Justice, after all and that was the duty of a hero. Thus, he began to search for the way to the lower floors.
13 April 2011 @ 06:14 pm
Method: Action/Prose (Will match)
Who: Anyone Off-Ship
Where: Mt. Mjolnir area
When March 3rd
What: Damaris and her NPC Crusader watchdog are off to follow the hornets. Anyone is welcome~

If Damaris had known just how much trouble being followed around by one damn crusader would have been, she never would have agreed to it, no matter how reasonable Ingram's request was. It was bad enough the other man was eying her as if he simply expected her to step out of line at any minute, but the man didn't say anything at all, simply trudged through the plants and anything else with reckless abandon. She hadn't been with him for very long, but already Damaris was beginning to wonder if the Church in this world had lowered its standards. Someone like him would never cut it back home.

With a groan, Damaris rested a hand against a nearby tree and closed her eyes. This was going nowhere. She had left the ship thinking she could be of help, but, really, all she seemed to be doing was lamenting her current situation. And, worse, everything around her just sounded like a rather loud buzzing in her ears.

No, wait, that was actual buzzing she heard. Loud buzzing, in fact. Were they near a hive? Frowning, Damaris opened her eyes and looked upwards, hoping to find the source. Nothing immediately jumped out at her, but she was almost certain that if she looked hard enough, she could find it.

"How do you feel about bug hunting?" she asked, sparing a glance back at her companion. Hardly glamorous work for a Crusader, no, but, for all she knew, it might be beneficial in the long run. Besides, if there was a hive nearby, it would probably be best to eliminate it before anybody stumbled across it. Hornets could be rather nasty when they wanted to be, especially if you attacked one without provocation.
12 April 2011 @ 03:13 am
Method: Prose
Who: Signius Dremire and anyone who runs into him.
Where: Anywhere on the ship.
When: March 2nd, 2 or 3 AM-ish.
What: Sleep only came after exhaustion or medicine and even then, it was never restful.

A thin haze of fog covered the stone floors and clung to everything else -- including the edges of his vision -- as Signius Dremire walked towards the throne room. Ah, it's that nightmare again. He knew better than to fight against it. He could feel the weight of the sword on the back of his armor which did not glisten in the lamplight. Two of his own brothers stood at the doorway to the throne room, saluting him as he stepped towards it.

I tire of this, he told himself. Every time he slept the dream was similar. Sometimes he stood in the cathedral in Izlude, draped in the colors of the night. Other times he stood on the bridge standing off against Joseph Burace. Most times he was here, approaching the throne with hands covered in blood. "Signius, my boy! What brings you to see me at such an hour?" Geirrod never had a chance to react to what happened, though in his slips into madness later on Signius realized the irony in the King's death. Red blood and golden steel; crimson and gold were the colors of the King. Midgard's king lay dead at his feet and his murderer looked towards the ceiling of the throne room and let out a scream. It was a scream of anger, of frustration, of hatred, of terror and of horror.

It would be his scream that pulled the man from his own restless slumber. As always he could still feel the lingering sensations of the dream, clinging to him as if it were a spiderweb he had walked through. He could still taste blood and it wasn't until he finally managed to swallow -- no small feat, as he wished to retch -- that he could feel how raw his throat was. Attempting to catch his breath he pulled himself from the bunk he had been sleeping in. He'd chosen the lowest floor in hopes that his restless sleep would not wake others.

Strapping the sword and dagger over his plainclothes he stepped out of the room, feeling the need to get as far away from the bed -- and his memories -- as he could.
01 April 2011 @ 01:03 pm
Method: Action/Prose
Who: Anyone still on the airship
Where: The Sleipnir~ Everywhere and anywhere~
When: February 25th, afternoon
What: Nayan's making friends~ Or trying to.

Ingram has a tradition of making rounds on the ship at night. Today, Nayan has taken it upon himself to do the same. He knew he couldn't possibly be the only member of the guild who had opted to remain on the ship today, at least, and there were so many people he hadn't met yet. Ingram, it seemed, had the right idea that night when Nayan had a decent conversation with the man that wasn't all technical talk about the whys and wherefores of being brought here from another world. Wandering was a very nice way to meet people.

So, rather than dancing like a lunatic, Nayan had opted to take today to wander about the ship, explore, and see who was still on board. Hopefully the experience would be less jarring than his first conversation with Kanda...
29 March 2011 @ 03:25 pm
Method: Prose
Who: Anyone wandering off the ship
Where: Mt. Mjolnir area
When: Feb 24th, late morning
What: Signius and his new Grand Crusader "buddy" head off ship to explore the area. Anyone's welcome to run across them.

So Signius headed off into the wild blue yonder outside of the airship, his large Grand Crusader buddy following in tow. He didn't seem to mind the large armor clad man clanking around behind him and could be heard making idle small talk with the walking steel pile as they pushed through the brush. A small path of destruction followed the two. Hornets and poporing remains littered the ground behind them while Signius picked through what was left for anything he might be able to salvage.

"There was a period of time," Signius could be heard saying, "When I had a large suit of armor like that. It was brilliant gold but, well, in all honesty it might have been a bit gaudy. The nobility loved it though -- especially the King -- and as the head of his guard I was to parade around in it with my giant gold sword and make a show of things. Dramatic enterances and the like." Getting no real response, he'd continue with his story telling, sometimes telling tall tales that he made up off the top of his head, but mostly just telling the truth.
24 March 2011 @ 10:28 pm
Method: HORNS (Action or Prose)
Who: Pretty much everyone
Where: Deck of the Sleipnir
When: Feb 22nd, late morning
What: Ingram announces new member(s) so everyone can come and watch them land on their butts. And then proceeds to recall the new member(s).

You only wish you didn't get nauseated.Collapse )
24 March 2011 @ 10:07 pm
Method: Action/Prose
Who: Kaite and Newcomers only
Where: Ash-Vacuum, Generic Hut #5
When: February 22, Morning
What: Whispers of Loki has been informed of another group of individual(s) passing through the portal and Kaite is here to pick them up.

Locked to New Arrivals onlyCollapse )
24 March 2011 @ 12:27 am
Method: Action/Prose
Who: Anyone who hears the announcement
Where: Airship
When: February 21st, Early Afternoon
What: This is just before landing, congregate and check out the nice mountainside! See comments for added details as usual!


We're landing just west of Mt. Mjolnir. The coal mine is actually northwest of here, but this is the closest we can land without risking immediate damage to the ship or to any of us. This area's got fairly tame monsters, so those of you who are new and still getting used to our world can explore around here.

Seeing as the travel on foot will take too long to make the important missions feasible in the time allotted for it, however, I'm sending Kaite and one of our knights to get us a more practical warp. Once they're back, you can request a warp from Kaite to get to the coal mine. Make sure you give my cute little student, Allen, plenty of things to practice with, he needs it. Badly.

That being said, be careful. The first level of the mine will generally be all right for everyone, other than those annoying bats. Further down, who knows what you might find? It's been awhile since anyone has gone down and returned from it. And they say not all the miners got out in the evacuation.

Also the map directly outside the mine is more dangerous than the inside. Be aware of your surroundings.
15 March 2011 @ 12:44 am
Method: Action
Who: Whoever!
Where: Sleipnir's deck
When: Feb 17th, early morning or mid morning!
What: Recall at dawn for departing Izlude and a more important announcement later that morning! Be sure to indicate which event you're commenting to in comment titles for easy reference.

[ Though Ingram seriously doubts anyone could possibly mistake "We're leaving at dawn" as anything beyond exactly what it says, he'll still cast the recall at dawn when they're launching. Just for the people that aren't on board and asleep already. Geez, it was amazing how much Kaite could sleep through.

In any case, some hours later, once more people were up and about, Ingram called everyone onto the deck of the airship via the horns. Once he gets a chance to join them, he'll be holding a clipboard with some papers on it. ]

Good. This is a sensitive enough subject that I would rather not discuss over the horns, but in person.

UMA has given us the task of investigating the coal mine northwest of Mt. Mjolnir. The mine’s current status is abandoned, due to the monsters inhabiting it. They were a problem previously, but it’s become too dangerous for the miners to be there themselves, so UMA wants us to go in. Their biggest concern is the retrieval of fuel supplies from the mine, but we’ll be investigating the level of monster aggression at this point in time as well. It’ll help us figure out how fast this epidemic is spreading and give us a better idea of what we’ll have to do to contain it.

We’ll be working right alongside you for this, as well. Though we’re asking you to help us gather information and items, it’s our final word that UMA will be listening to. If you’ve got any concerns or questions, feel free to ask.